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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Atlantic City pictures

The above 2 pictures are from "The Walk" the new outlet mall in Atlantic City. There were tons of great stores, including a Borders book outlet, Yankee Candle, Lane Bryant, Kenneth Cole, KB Toys, Guess and tons more. The only store I actually bought anything in was the Borders book outlet. Liz got a few things in the Carters outlet and a cookbook in Borders, but that was about it. Neither of us were really impressed with the prices, but it was nice to walk around and kill a few hours. Its only 2 blocks from Ballys, so we just walked back. We took a cab there cause we didn't know how far away it was. lol it was a cheap cab ride!

the above 3 were taken from the Tropicana, where we stayed. The hotel closest is the new Tropicana South Tower, then you can look down the boardwalk and see Trump Plaza, Ballys and some of Resorts and the TajMahal.

Boardwalk, looking toward the Tropicana.. the construction you see is the new mall that connects to Caesars.

Ballys and Johnny Rockets, where we ate dinner Thursday night. It was cool eating outside on the boardwalk. The food was awesome, but the service left alot to be desired.

couple more random boardwalk shots

this pretzel shop was pretty cool, you could watch them make the pretzels and they were cheap too. 3 pretzels for a dollar, they were good too. The second shot is the store floor.

this picture came out really cool. I have no idea why the picture came out this way, but I kinda like it!

more random boardwalk shots.. and shops. I love these souvineer shops on the boardwalk, everythings so damn cheap too.. keychains, magnets and crap like that are all 99 cents, tshirts range from $3 up to about $7. most of the stores sell the exact same things, so don't waste your time going in each one. you could also literally eat your way down the boardwalk, there were tons of fudge stands, hot dog and ice cream stands, and candy, salt water taffy, peanuts, etc. The trip was a blast, it took about 6 hours to get there and about 7 to get home cause we got stuck in traffic in Connecticut. damn Connecticut!

this is the Borgata, the newest hotel in Atlantic City, its on the other side of town, by Harrahs and trump marina, so we never went in.

taken from the car on the way out of town.


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